The Ghiant and the Monkey Stilt Wedding Chinese Dragon Revue Extraterrestrials Dervishes Urbansky & Popp The Beautiful Stranger

1987 Founding of ZEBRA Stelzentheater as a two-man team under the name ZEBRA Theater & Action
1987 The Ghiant and the Monkey, theater productions on stilts for children
1987 Stilt Wedding
1988 Animation program with stilts
1989 »Bitteschööön« – which way to Africa? Clown theater for children
1989 Chinese Dragon Revue
(Later: Siegfried’s Wandering Dragon Revue)
1990 The King and his Jester
1990 The Beautiful Stranger
1991 Extraterrestrials
1992 Dervishes
1992 The Test, Stage performance for children and adults
1993 Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolfgang
1994 Urbansky & Popp
1994 Pino & Co
1994 Close collaboration with Rudi Renner Production (until 2008)
1995 Successful creation of a larger ensemble and upgrading existing productions to six extraterrestrials, four Urbansky & Popp, four Pino & Co. and ten Dervishes
1997/98 The Beautiful Strangers, tent production
2000 Moving Spirits, Africa Evening Show with fire and live percussion
2001 Venezia Alta
2002 Jumpers, first jumping production
2004 Coproduction of the Civilization Parade, Dubai (20 stilt artists)
2004 Metro Roadshow, concept by Rudi Renner (40 days with 12 stilt artists)
2004 Generation change at ZEBRA – 10 new players join
2004 Revue Mystique
2005 Grasshoppers
2005 Color Dancers
2005 Soccer Fun Parade
2005 Barockoko
2006 Rolf Kasssalicky starts new project »airDinger«
2008 ZEBRA retakes the reigns – recovers full management of company
2011 Rain Clowns, rain program for »just in case«
2012 White Wonderland
2012 Walking Roses
2013 Bavaria – Bavarian stilt dancers have successful performances in the USA