Urbansky & Popp, Galerie 9, Munich Extraterrestrials, Varietéfestival Dirk Denzer Barockoko, Uni Credit Opera Night, Munich Dervishes, tête-à-tête, Rastatt Grasshoppers, Silver Dollar City, USA Revue Mystique, Fairy Tale Festival Wattens

2012 we celebrated our 25th anniversary! That means over 25 years of traveling, literally and figuratively. 25 years of ideas and projects, performances and encounters, highs and lows, work and fun: we always came up with something – boredom is not in our vocabulary!

We are proud of what we have created, but we know we could never have done it alone!

That’s why we want to thank all the artists from the bottom of our hearts that have helped to bring life to our dreams – all actors and stilt artists, costume artists, musicians and designers, and all friends that have supported and encouraged us.

Thank you to all agencies and event hosts that believed in us and hired us!