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Dear ZEBRA Stelzentheater team,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing, artistic services! Our customers are more than happy with the event and the emotional effect that it had on all guests. They are excited – and excitement is exactly what we wanted to achieve with our gala event. Your impressive performance at the reception as well as your performance during the Show Block were a significant contribution to the evening. (Matthias Heitzer, Bausch and Ströbel)

“One of the highlights was definitely the ZEBRA Steltzentheater with their wonderful stilt acts” (Süddeutsche Zeitung – South Germany Newspaper)

“Magic from a fantasty world: ZEBRA Stelzentheater on Stein Street” (Neue Ruhrzeitung)

“Wondering childrens’ eyes and excited adults followed the two Dervishes from the ZEBRA Stelzentheater right through the castle park. An eccentric performance that guarantees fun for any crowd.” (Kölnische Rundschau)

“The audience was deeply moved by the dynamic performance by ZEBRA Stelzentheater…” (Shizuoka News, Japan)

I would like to thank you and your artistic colleagues from the bottom of my heart. Your performance in the elaborate and formidable Rokoko costumes (…) was a great treat for all guests. Your artistic rendition of an aristocratic man from the rococo era was singularly enjoyable and highly professional … each of the invited guests will fondly remember the unforgettable ZEBRA Stelzentheater performance. (Johannes Weber, Palais Schossrondell Nr. 6)

With gratitude, World-Fest 2005 presents this Certificate of Excellence to the group “ZEBRA Stelzentheater” of Germany. Their performances were exceptional and were well received by the people of the United States. It was our great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with this group. They are very dependable, dedicated and a talented group. ZEBRA performers are excellent ambassadors for Germany. (Rex Burdette, Director of World-Fest, Branson, Missouri, USA)