Color Dancers, Garden Exhibition Norderstedt Pino & Co, City Festival Vienna, Photographer: Christoph Breneis Extraterrestrials, tête-à-tête, Rastatt Dervishes, City Festival Vienna, Photographer: Christoph Breneis Jumpers, tête-à-tête, Rastatt

Street Theater

We love street theater! That’s where it all began: the poetry of wide spaces, the amazement, the thrill of meeting audiences face-to-face ... Our medium is stilts: on stilts we stride and dance through time and space – and create an atmosphere for fantasy, dreams, visions! Our productions are many and diverse – black and white and colorful, bright and mystic, strict and crazy. Get ready to be enchanted …

Stilts are a wonderful medium for street theater: The artists can be seen from far away, can move effortlessly through crowded streets and receive instantaneous attention and admiration!

  • Street Theater

    Walk Act – Virtuosic mastering of stilt walking and dancing is the foundation of our stilt theater: we base our characters and productions on it. Freely improvised acting alternates with staged and choreographed scenes. Lively interaction with the audience is an important component of our play – no two performances are the same!
    Our best Walk Acts: Dervishes, Color Dancers, Gasshoppers

  • Show

    Street Shows – We also have street shows in our repertoire, including the prize-winning Extraterrestrials and our masterpiece Revue Mystique, one of ZEBRA’s best night shows with fire, light, and an eccentric soundtrack.

  • for Kids

    Kids Programs – We have lots to offer for children too! Siegfried’s Dragon revue is a melange of walk act and stationary show, and the colorful Pinos have staged scenes in their repertoire as well.

A street theater day generally consists of three performances of ca. 25 minutes each. Two alternating productions are possible, according to prior agreement.