The Team in Dubai, 2004

The Team is the Dream …

The most diverse people and artists meet at ZEBRA Stelzentheater!

What connects them all is the fun of the crazy energy of stilts, the fun of team play, the fun of contact with new people – with the audience.

Every individual person has unique strengths and, of course, weaknesses, but together, the extraordinary is achieved – the magic of the moment. And that is what is conveyed directly to the audience!

Our group is our greatest treasure!

The following people are currently a part of the ZEBRA Stelzentheater, in order of membership: Anna Bauregger, Egmont Körner, Katharina Fuchs, Arthur Fuchs, Jasmin Falk, Judith Claudia Gorgass, Kim Eberle, Michael Krapf, Alex Breiter, Betim Bojaxhiu, Stefan Hubel, Goli Rudholzner, Sabine Klein, Mariabeatrice Scilla, Patrick Diederich, Karin Neidhart, Annette Schregle and Nikolaus Wirth.

Claudia Frank and her company Machado Costumes are honorary members of our team. Claudia has been our “most favorite” costume artist for nearly ten years.