Opening Fairy Tale Festival, Wattens Galerie 9, Munich Bad Pyrmont, Festival of Lights Wasserburg am Inn Zong – The Show, Rudi Renner Production Galerie 9, Munich

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As a walk act, an eccentric journey on the catwalk of vanity. As a stage show, a styled dance on the peak of coolness! Lively works of art, running self-deprecatingly through erotic poses. The act for aesthetes that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Stilt art – art on stilts. The act for special occasions!

Show Variations:

  • Walk Act: 2 – 4 stilt artists, 20 – 25 minutes
  • Stage Show: Stilt dance, 2 – 3 stilt artists, 7 minutes

Performance Highlights:

Dirk Denzer’s International Variety Festival 2006 (DE)
Deventer op Stelten Festival 2009 (NL)
Chicorée Mode Event, Dietikon 2010 (CH)
Formula 1, Bahrain 2007 (BH)

Premiered 1994

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