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Uncle Sam, Ms Liberty und Ms China
Beautiful costumes and figures for all themes around USA and China, For Germany (Bavaria), and Italy (Colori Veneziani)

Pino & Co
Oskar Schlemmer meets toys’ city.
Colourful and turbulent. Not only for children.

Gold, Silver, Bronze
Light, fluid, elegant. Ideal for trade shows and promotion. Combined with masks, it becomes a light-footed variation on the Venice theme.

Creepy and deliciously scary. The horrible Earl Aleron and the little cheerful Vaula are presenting scary burlesque to children and adults.

Children’ play without stilts.
The little Flower Flo is growing to become the blossoming Florence – and soon challenges the gardener Frederic!

Oldies but still Goodies. This production born in 1990 still enchants the artists and the audience.

Rain Clowns
An anarchic and funny game with huge water amounts. The alternative when all shows are cancelled due to rainy weather! The organizers will be grateful!

The pure essence of power. One figure on spring stilts. Extremely cool if combined with an angel on stilts or a fairy in red light.

Colori Veneziani
Majestic and mysterious, the impressive figures dressed in shining colors recreate the atmosphere of the famous Venetian carnival.