What roses they are! Rose bushes in full bloom! These huge, magnificant species stand there and change their shape in slow motion, grow in all directions and start to interact in a magical way.
The spectators are totally fascinated as they attempt to discover the secret of those rose-like creatures – and there are always new surprises awaiting them.
In the open space, the „Walking Roses“ twist themselves around lampposts and statues, decorate fassades and create secluded, laefy arbours for lovers.
Indoor they give a splendid welcome act and a great subject for souvenir fotos
Sometimes there is a little goblin in their company – a cheeky guide of his plant friends. A stunning nonverbal and visual production for international festivals and events.

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Walk Act: 2 – 4 Roses
(red, pink 2 x white), 1 goblin

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I have never experienced so many different emotions in such a short time:
surprise, fright, curiosity, amazement, joy—and then simply happiness.

Comment from the audience for the performance of the “Walking Roses”, July 2014