Imaginative Costumes
and virtuoso stilt art
for more than 30 years.


ZEBRA Theater on Stilts is one of the oldest street theater group with a focus on stilts.

Born in Munich ‘s free theater background during the eighties, the idea grew out of love for walking on stilts, for the taste of adventure that goes with street theater and for the desire to lead a free and self defined existence.

Zebra has been a real pioneer in this area and is the one who created the term “theater on stilts”.

Außerirdische, 1990

Extraterrestrials, 1990

Grasshoppers, 2000

Grasshoppers, 2010

Walking Roses, 2016

Walking Roses, 2016

In the meantime and 30 years later, Zebra is a big team composed of stilts artists, actors and acrobats; it has shown its productions on street festivals in more than 30 countries and is being asked for events as well as for public shows.

Zebra is permanently looking for new ideas and challenges which have led to numerous and highly diversified productions; doing so, Zebra has created a unique style that has become its trade mark:

Well defined characters, mesmerizing costumes, charismatic artists with a strong presence, virtuosity and dancing agility on stilts and last but not least, an irrepressible joy and energy that galvanizes the audience.


Rolf Kassalicky

Co-Founder, Stilt-Artist,
Artistic Director, Manager

ZEBRA Stelzentheater

Agnesstr. 6
D – 82131 Gauting (bei München)
Tel: +49 89 850 71 97
Mobil: +49 172 890 51 92


Festivals National

  • Int. Varieté Festival, Schwebheim
  • Schloss Spektakel, Braunschweig
  • IGA Gartenschau, Berlin
  • Tollwood Winterfestival, München
  • Rokoko Festspiele, Ansbach
  • Sommerfestival Legoland, Günzburg
  • Kieler Woche, Kiel
  • Rockavaria, München
  • Ruhr in Love, Oberhausen
  • Gartenschauen Landau,Bad
  • Lippstadt,Deggendorf
  • 1. Königl. Varieté Festival, Füssen
  • Barocktage, Saarlouis
  • Wackelpeter, Bielefeld
  • Tête-â-Tête, Rasta
  • Kleines Fest im Großen Garten, Hannover

Festivals International

  • Int. Drama Carnival, Myianyang (CHN)
  • Int. Kids Festival, Haifa, (IL)
  • Bonjour L´Hiver, Annemasse, (F)
  • Festival of Nations, Dollywood, (US)
  • Gentje Festen, Ghent (B)
  • l’Arrivé des Flottants, Evian (F)
  • Parktheaterfestival, Lokeren (B)
  • Spancir Fest, Varazdin (HR)
  • Asfalt Art, Meran (I)
  • Buskers Festival, St. Teresa di Gallura (I)
  • Celebrations Festival,Doha, (Q)
  • Unlimited Festival, Kufstein (A)
  • I Lan Folkgame Festival, I Lan, TW
  • EU Streettheaterfestival Cairo, (EGY)
  • Hogmanay, Edinburgh (GB)

Company Events

  • Webasto/Audi/VW 2 Roadshows je 64 Tage
  • Sparkasse Öhringen, Gala Gartenschau
  • Continental, Promotion Nürburgring
  • Wertheim Village, div. Thementage
  • Pflanzen Kölle, Roadshows, Neueröffnungen
  • LEGO, Event (DK), Parkbespielung Günzburg
  • Mc Kinsey, Weihnachtfeiern, München
  • WWK, Mitarbeiter Feste
  • Giardina, Gartenmesse, Zürich
  • Migros, Mitarbeiter Event, Center Bespielung
  • Möbel Höffner, Modenschau, Promotion
  • Casino Baden (CH), Xmas Event
  • Cactus, Luxembourg, Eröffnung
  • Mercedes, Mitarbeiter Fest
  • Shopping Mall, Kopenhagen (DK)